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Monday, 6 April 2020

Dear Doctor

We would like to update you further on the current situation with COVID-19, as it applies to the Mid North Coast Sleep Clinic.

We have been following guidelines set out by the Australian Sleep Association (ASA), Federal Government and the Australian Department of Health, however we have now been advised by the ASA, that all non-essential (home and laboratory) sleep Studies and non-essential CPAP therapy trials are to cease immediately.

In line with this, we have suspended these services until further notice, or until such times as we receive advice from the ASA that they may be resumed.

As approved by the ASA, “Home sleep study diagnostics and therapy set ups are still permitted with written, phone or telehealth instruction remotely from staff, and adherence to manufacturer disinfection guidelines for equipment”. Therefore, should you have an urgent request for one of these services, please contact our clinic on 0455 583 399 to discuss the possibility of arranging an appointment.

We are still able to monitor patients’ CPAP usage data via phone consultations and access to Resmed’s AirView online software. We will also be available to supply machines, masks, and spare parts for purchase where required.

All patients recently referred for Home Sleep Studies and CPAP trials have been contacted and advised of the current situation. They will be followed up to make an appointment once the current restrictions have been lifted.

This is a trying time for all of us, and we wish you all the best as we negotiate the unprecedented effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic within our society.

Should you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards

Jennifer Kent Manager

Sleep Technologist

Mid North Coast Sleep Clinic

Novel Coronavirus Information

23 April, 2020

To all our valued customers

Mid North Coast Sleep Clinic understands the concerns many people are having at the moment in regards to the transmission of the novel coronavirus – COVID-19. As a supplier of medical devices and respiratory equipment, we are naturally very aware of the importance of maintaining strict hygiene for all our patients, customers and staff. Our normal daily practices ensure that the risk of transmission of any illness is very low.

However, we would like to reassure you about how we are working to keep you and your family safe when visiting our clinic.
As always, we are guided by the advice of the NSW Department of Health, and other government channels, including the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommendations for reducing the risk of infection.

Our standard practice includes:

  • Sterilisation of all masks and CPAP equipment used for treatment trials. Masks are machine washed and cleaned with a disinfectant and anti-viral solution. All devices are cleaned using disinfectant and anti-viral solution.
  • Sleep study machines are cleaned thoroughly with a disinfectant and anti-viral solution, and all parts that come into direct contact with skin or nasal passages are sealed, medical grade and single use only.
  • Clinicians wear new gloves for each patient and maintain strict medical hygiene protocols.
  • All our office surfaces are wiped regularly with disinfectant and anti-viral solutions, and office furniture is sprayed with disinfectant and anti-viral spray.

Appointments at the Clinic:

  • If you are unwell, please do not attend our clinic in person, but phone us and we can discuss your requirements as needed.
  • We are working to reduce face-to-face appointments wherever possible, and are currently offering phone or teleconsultations for our clients. Many of the current model CPAP machines are capable of being downloaded remotely, which allows us to perform phone consultations rather than you attending the clinic to have your machine downloaded. If you are not sure if your CPAP machine has this capability, please phone one of our clinicians to discuss this further.

Purchase of supplies

  • Our clinic is still open for supply of machines, masks, replacement parts and accessories. If you require a replacement items, please call us and we will be happy to assist you, and provide the parts or products over the phone. We can then ship the parts to you directly, if that is more convenient than coming to our clinics.

Finally, the team at Mid North Coast Sleep Clinic are dedicated to providing the highest quality care for all our clients. Your health is our priority and we will continue to provide the quality service you expect from us during this time.

Jennifer Kent


Mid North Coast Sleep Clinic.


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