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Obstructive Sleep Apnoea is an extremely serious disorder and often goes undiagnosed. It is estimated 20% of the population suffer from Sleep Apnoea. Diagnosing Sleep Apnoea is easy and affordable and it can be done in the comfort of your own home. Sleep Apnoea is associated other serious health conditions including Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Conditions and Obesity. If you suffer from these conditions you are at high risk of also having Sleep Apnoea.

 Click here to take the StopBang Obstructive Sleep Apnea Questionnaire

If you feel you may be at risk of sleep apnoea by taking this simple quiz will help you determine if you should see your doctor and ask for a referral for a home sleep test.

At the Mid North Coast Sleep Clinic you can have a test for diagnosing sleep apnoea in the comfort of your own home, making it easier and more affordable to have a sleep study.

The following steps will take you through the process of arranging for a home test and what is involved in the having the study.

How to get tested

Step 1: “How do I book a sleep study?”

Contact the Mid North Coast Sleep Clinic to arrange an appointment for your Home Sleep Study. Home Studies are available in either our Taree or Forster Clinic. You will need a referral from your G.P or Sleep Physician. A letter of confirmation will be sent to you once your appointment has been made.

Step 2: “What does the sleep study involve?”

At your appointment, you will be shown how to attach a small device (the size of a mobile phone). The device can be fitted in the clinic and worn home; or taken home for you to put on just prior to going to sleep. It is recommended that you bring a family member or friend to the appointment, so they may assist you with attaching the equipment at home. Our friendly sleep technicians are also available for a home visit, where we attach the equipment on you at home. If this would be more convenient for you request this service when booking your appointment.

A home diagnostic sleep study will record the following information:

  • Air movement through your nose to pick up snoring and apnoea events
  • Your brain waves – to determine your stage of sleep
  • Eye movements – to distinguish REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep
  • Chest movements that show whether you’re making an effort to breathe
  • The amount of oxygen in your blood
  • Your heart rate
  • Leg movements – to diagnose Restless Legs/Periodic Leg Movement

Step 3: Obtaining Results

Once you have returned the equipment, the data collected is analysed by a sleep physician, and a report is sent to your referring doctor. You will need to make an appointment approximately 7-10 days after your test, to discuss your results. If your sleep study results indicate you have Sleep Apnoea, your doctor will discuss its severity, possible effects on your health, and treatment options with you.


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